Here are some top marketing trends that continue to be great when creating a strategy. What your customers want, how they think, and how they interact with each other are all constantly changing. So it only makes that you don’t get left behind in the past when everyone is moving forward. To remain competitive, you need to be ahead of the game so that you can be in a position to benefit from brand new marketing strategies. Listed below are 4 marketing trends to watch out for.

1. A Rise in Customer Experience Marketing

Customer Experience Marketing is exactly what it sounds like – businesses making sure that their customers have a good experience when they market to them. About 68% of businessmen say that their business is more focused on client-experience in marketing.

This form of marketing is important since it allows customers to see your brand or business as the total of experiences they have had with them. This could range from in-store client support to spotting your local listing online or even finding your company’s ad on Twitter.

2. Algorithm-based Customer Experiences

Besides personalization, segmentation and content suggestions on the backend, AI is going to become more of a front-end feature, mapping and determining customer journeys in a way that prevents customers from having to explain their context, again and again, every time they move into a new contract or channel within the organization.

3. App Capitalization

There is an application for everything now – such as transportation, review apps, and maps. The increasing popularity of apps among customers will lead to an age of app capitalization. More and more brands will purchase ads and make deals to promote exposure on other popular apps.

4. Content Marketing Will Continue to Soar

By now, everyone has realized the importance of quality content, and content marketing isn’t expected to remain a temporary fad. It is only growing more since 70% of people would rather learn about a business through reading an article as opposed to an ad. Plus, content marketing is a relatively more affordable option as compared to most forms of advertising (and it can generate more leads). Content marketing can take various forms, from infographics to videos and blog posts, thereby giving business owners plenty of options.

Technology has come a long way and is still progressing at an exceptional rate, which means all industries are affected. In order to be a leader, a company must become accustomed to the changing market dynamics. AI, consumer-experiencing marketing, app capitalization and content marketing are just the beginning of the next marketing era. Businesses that prepare for this brand new frontier are in a better position to have an upper hand when it comes to customer engagement. Those who take the old-fashioned path may find themselves worn out, and faced with the possibility of collapse.

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