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17 Oct Time is of the Essence

Even though there are 24 hours in the day. How much time do we really have when it comes to developing and hashing out our ideals? Depending on what type of business you are in, sometimes that process and its deadline can be entirely up to the developer and other times up to the client. No matter who is making up the deadlines, take your time and do your best. A rushed process doesn’t allow the proper time for idea or any part of your business to grow. Companies tend to fall into the slippery slope of making quick money. It is very important to remember that money can come as quickly as it goes, but time, once it is gone, it never comes back. “Sometimes, in a racing world, we need to slow down, take a step back, and breathe. Taking your time in a culture where everyone else seems to be rushing can also give you a distinct advantage.” Frances Booth of Forbes says in her article. Letting things happen naturally, instead of rushing and forcing it allows for a better result in the end.

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