26 Jan The Importance of Citation Accuracy

Over the last two decades, digital communication — including social media and the internet — has become increasingly intertwined with many aspects of daily life. For businesses that are well-prepared, this has created a number of different opportunities. However, many companies that are investing resources into a digital presence are making major, wholly avoidable mistakes that cause damage to their brand.


Many people start their search for commercial information online. According to data cited by

Forbes Magazine, nine out of ten American consumers report that they regularly look up information about businesses online. Companies need to ensure that their target audience is getting accurate information.


For those who manage SEO agencies or digital marketing agencies, it is crucial that they ensure accurate listing for their clients. White label citation building can help to ensure that all of an agency’s clients have accurate local listings across the entire internet.


Three Reasons Why Businesses Need Accurate Listings


  1. Consumers Get Frustrated By Inaccurate or Misleading Information


When the average person looks up information online about a business, they want results that are quick, reliable and easy to understand. Inaccurate or contradictory information will only frustrate a consumer. For businesses, this point is critically important: citation accuracy matters. Bad information — no matter how minor — can cause real harm to a company’s digital reputation.


  1. Search Engines — Including Google — Determine ‘Trust’ Via Consistent Listings


Accurate listing is not simply for consumers. All major search engines care about accuracy. Why? The answer is simple: consumers will stop using a search engine if they keep getting unreliable results. Imagine that you ran an internet search for a local restaurant. You find a place that looks great on a listing platform and see that it is open today — yet, when you actually show up the place is boarded up. It is or has been out of business for awhile. This is frustrating for you, and bad for the search engine.


The big tech companies are fully aware of how much consumers care about accuracy. As a result, they have designed their algorithms to look for trustworthy companies. What happens when a search engine sees that a business has a bunch of inconsistent listings? It downgrades that company’s ‘trustworthiness’. That could mean worse search results for your business.


Of course, while there are many different search engines, Google is still the most important. It remains the giant in the industry. According to the most recent data from Statista, approximately 63 percent of searches in the United States are done on Google. One thing that Google has shown again and again is that its algorithm cares about listing accuracy.


  1. For Most Businesses, the Internet is Local


The internet truly is a global phenomenon. You can find information about virtually any topic, and you can connect with people from all corners of the world. Yet, for the overwhelming majority of businesses, local search and a local presence is what actually matters. At a conference, a representative for Google estimated that nearly half of all searches have ‘local intent’. For most companies, it is the local web presence that makes a difference for their bottom line. This starts with accurate listing across all common platforms.



Erik Hill
O.B.O. Navads
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