25 Aug Staying Flexible in Sales and Marketing

“Sometimes knowing when something is not working and pivoting to something new leads to our greatest opportunities and successes” a memorable quote from Kristina Saffran, the founder of Project Heal. You may not always know or understand why the world of business and marketing operates the way that it does, but one thing is for certain, when it comes to surviving the unforeseen conditions you have to be flexible during its bust and booms.

Sales and marketing are a big part in what we do day to day in our businesses. We take into consideration the cost and the demand of our product, our competitors’ prices, and how much to invest in advertising those products – not to mention which ways are the best way. In the article below, find out more about being flexible in sales and marketing.

Notes from Ty – Choices are a big part of life, as there is always a decision that needs to be made. A lot of people do not realize how limiting some choices can be. I leave you with the thoughts of saying: being firm in your decisions is okay. I only task you to be flexible in your approach.

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