Reality Sports Marketing is a full service Marketing and Public Relations firm with expertise in marketing, communications and publicity services along with a variety of other services tailored to the needs of our clients.


Reality Sports Marketing is dedicated to maximizing our clients potential off the field, court, or outside of the cage. Our purpose is to create and build a lasting brand for our athletes while also helping them to achieve financial freedom and empower them to reach their full potential throughout and following their professional career.


The vision for Reality Sports  is to create and or develop a brand for each one of our clients making them into their own business. We will tailor our services to the needs of each individual client creating a game plan for short and longterm success.

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Reality Sports is a full service management and representation agency.
We offer a variety of services tailored to the needs of our clients.  Our services are listed below but are not limited to


Public Relations

Media Relations & Development

Event Creation & Publicity


Media Campaigns

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When you join the Reality Sports you are joining an experience and well rounded team. Our number one goals it to make you the athlete more money and set you up for long term success. Our team focuses on marketing opportunities along with maximizing your current media, public relations, and philanthropic endeavors.  


The next step is building your brand. Our team will develop creative and strategic ways to build and or enhance your brand. We will develop a game plan that will maximize the opportunities for you.  We will create a tailored approach for your individual needs. We like to refer to ourselves as a strategic solutions firm. If you have an issue, concern, or idea, we will work to fix, resolve or bring that idea to fruition. We have a strong team but are not afraid to reach out to other successful business owners and experts to not only find a solution but the best solution. Our network becomes your network.


Philanthropic Endeavors: We help our clients identify needs in the community that will allow them to make an impact. Reality Sports is focused not only on bettering our clients but bettering the community and leaving a lasting effect.


Reginald Parks

Reginald Parks is a marketing and creative expert that thrives on creating both business and personal brands that generate revenue. Reginald has helped many businesses with their creative and marketing direction. His background in sport marketing of major bowl games in the Orlando area (Camping World Stadium events) allotted him a great deal of experience in media, targeting and more within the sports realm. From creative direction, finding an audience to public relations, he is equipped to be of help in all things marketing. Reginald is the Lead Designer and Owner of Reality Marketing Group. 


Colton Palmer

Colton Palmer procures marketing and endorsement opportunities for Reality Sports clients. He works to generate revenue, developing and implementing fully integrated action plans and programs. Prior to creating Reality Sports, Colton has gained experience in marketing and brand development with Fortune 500 companies. A graduate of North Carolina State University and 4 year letter winner, co-captain and NCAA Qualifier, Colton is no stranger to the world of athletics. Coltons hard work and dedication lead him to successes in the classroom, on the mat, and throughout his professional career. Colton possesses a creative business mind developing unique ideas and plans of action to ensure a positive financial trajectory for our clients.


Tre McQueen

Tre is no stranger to the world of professional basketball. As a kid, he lived in various countries and cities as he followed his fathers professional basketball career. Living that life provided him valuable insight into the importance of maximizing your income potential during your playing days while simultaneously laying a foundation for the future in order to prepare for life AFTER basketball. Although Tres on the court talent did not quite match up to that of his fathers, his passion and knowledge of the game has always kept him close to it. As a graduate of NC State University, Tre is a brilliant business mind who at a young age has already started multiple profitable businesses while simultaneously dominating Corporate America at various levels and in various roles in Fortune 500 companies and is an expert level salesman, contract negotiator and marketer