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Video marketing and creating amazing content



Commercial, events, promotional and more.


Are you looking to fully capture an event series or convention that you worked hard on. We can make that a Reality. Contact us to check out some of our video samples and book us today.


Videos are a proven tactic to reach your audience. Consumers are up to 85% more likely to convert after watching a video of your product or services. Creating videos make sure that they will stay on your site an industry average of 2 minutes longer. Look to Reality today for quality video production and editing.

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Content is king. Let’s make sure you are the RULER.


Video marketing and video production is killing it when it comes to impact on marketing strategy and sales.


We know all about making a high quality and engaging video to go with your services. This video or set of videos will not only align with what you are doing, but will allow your customers to truly know your business or organization in just a matter of moments. Users online and on social media platforms are more likely to engage, buy, or simply remain interested in your services with video content. RMG is the your best solution for creative videos that do not break the bank for your business.

High quality, television production level content is king.


We can create that for you for a fraction of the cost of some larger agencies and create content that allows you to compete in the ever-growing market you may be in. From aerial footage, to engaging still shots, we want to make sure that your brand is an industry leader and looks the part.

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An image is worth a thousand words. Let us help you tell your story through photography.


Impacting images on your site and in your marketing material give you a customized set of design elements that speak to your brand and truly set you apart. Reality has an array of photographers on our team in Orlando and more that can help get the images that are perfect to help your business.

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