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Reginald Parks is the Owner and Lead Designer of Reality Marketing Group, LLC. (Formerly RLPJ Productions, LLC,.). Reginald hails from Raleigh, NC. With RMG, his sole focus is on making an impact though innovative design and marketing methods, his launches of several businesses and involvement in national and community organizations.


He currently serves as the National Graphic Designer and Cinematographer for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and does philanthropic, social as well as business based programming on his own in the Southeast United States area. Reginald is the proud creator of both and which helps minority business owners reach clients and clients find minority owned business in their area. Reginald looks forward to developing several other mechanisms to help businesses in the near future.


Reginald is a proud member of the Winter Park Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, the Central Florida Urban League Young Professionals, African American Chamber of Commerce Central Florida, the Young Professional Advisory Council of Orlando, Black Business Orlando Board, Black Business Raleigh-Durham Board as well as Florida Citrus Sports.


Reginald’s sole purpose is to help businesses and entrepreneurs develop their dreams into Reality through marketing and advertising efforts. His engagement in organizations usually stems from the organizations’ purpose towards helping young dreamers or the community create a not only sustainable but flourishing way of life for all members and those they engage with.

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