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05 Sep My Brother, My Sister, Thy Customer

As obvious as it may seem, all businesses have one thing in common. You guessed it, the customers. Do you know what keeps the customers coming back? Yes, you are right, supply and demand. Knowing the market and the customers in which you serve will keep them happy and demanding, especially if your service is exceptional. There are many things that go into knowing your customer. The biggest thing that contributes to that is building a relationship with the client. As the article by Alan Hall of mentions, “Companies that possess this knowledge about their customers and use it to their profitable advantage are widely successful.”

Notes from Ty: Feedback is an invaluable resource when it comes to branding. How else are you to know what you’re doing right? Surveys have certainly proven their worth over the years. Every now and again, send out a survey to confirm your cleints are happy. Unsuccessful businesses go into business with solely sales in mind. Great businesses treat customers as if they are family. A happy client is a returning client and those who return always bring a friend.

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