21 Feb Marketing: The strategy behind the glamour

We are assessed all of the time as a Marketing Agency, which is accurate. Though when many think about the word marketing, they truly think about the actions and definition of promotions. Promotions are simply placing items in front of people as a repetitive rate in which they encourage those individuals to know more about that item. People in many instances forget about the research and preparations that goes into those promotional efforts that truly produce sales and generate revenue. Marketing and promotions directly tie so closely, that the average individual places them into the same bucket. The glitz and glamour always get placed ahead of the hustle and research, but that’s OK.

As a firm, and an encouragement tool for several clients’ businesses success, we want you to know that the glamour is simply an output due to the research. Do not forget that having promotional items, promotions and any variant of that is not what creates revenue and encourages sales. It is the research prior to those items, the study of placement, wording and even frequency that lead to the sales you truly want. Make sure to target the correct demographics, utilize the right platforms, as well as even have the correct aesthetics to match your product when presented. People and businesses at times unfortunately think that repetition fuels marketing that then leads to dollars. But remember, you can hand someone nothing 100 times and they will leave with nothing. Make sure to hand someone once of value and that resonates. Do the research, learn who and where your clientele is, and perfect that.

Marketing is far more than the glitz and glamour, it is the strategy and implementation. Once you truly understand your business, your clients and more, and you will be successful in producing a far better marketing strategy in the end.

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