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The year is almost two-thirds over, have you taken advantage of what Forbes provided as a list of 20 growth hacking strategists to use in 2016? Let’s start from the beginning for those who do not know what growth hacking is. Growth Hacking is a process of swift experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Also for those who do not know, growth hackers tend to be marketers, engineers and product managers but typically can be anyone who wants has a focus to build and engage the user base of a business.

The article below will show you 20 strategists who strategies may be outdated in coming months but to the fact that they have made a Forbes list, both them as  individuals and their track record deserve mention. The best way to increase your growth rate, implementing a proven framework, and following an experienced growth hacker to put the right strategy in place is a good place to start. These strategies can be used to as a template, or a cheat code, to make sure that you are staying ahead of the curve and that you have a thriving business going into 2017.

P.S. – After research on the strategists on this list, there was no way to configure a top 5 for you to specifically pay attention to. If I was you, I would look at all of these strategist as they each offer something different in enhancing your business.

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