25 Oct How to Choose a Professional Email Address [+ Examples]

News flash — your email address from high school won’t cut it in the real world. Even if “baseballbro25@aim.com” serves as a nostalgic reminder for your peak athletic years, it’ll look like an eyesore on your resume and prompt any recruiter or hiring manager to automatically chuck it in the trash.

That said, there’s probably at least one person who has the same name as you, so the email address with just your first and last name has most likely been taken by now.Easily create your own professional email signature with our free Email  Signature Generator here.

Fortunately, though, a professional email address isn’t limited to just your first and last name. There are plenty of ways you can choose one that any recruiter or hiring manager would consider professional.

Professional Email Address Ideas and Examples

Combine your names.

  • First name + last name = cliffordchi@domain.com
  • First name . last name = clifford.chi@domain.com
  • First name – last name = clifford-chi@domain.com
  • First name . middle name . last name = clifford.douglas.chi@domain.com
  • First name – middle name – last name = clifford-douglas-chi@domain.com
  • First initial + last name = cchi@domain.com
  • First initial + middle name + last name = cdouglaschi@domain.com
  • First initial + middle initial +last name = cdchi@domain.com

Shorten your names.

  • cliffchi@domain.com
  • cliffdougchi@domain.com
  • cliffdouglaschi@domain.com
  • clifforddougchi@domain.com

Combine your name with your profession, city, or degree.

  • cliffordchiwriter@domain.com
  • cliffchiwriter@domain.com
  • cchiwriter@domain.com
  • cliffordchiboston@domain.com
  • cliffchiboston@domain.com
  • cchiboston@domain.com
  • cliffordchimfa@domain.com
  • cliffchimfa@domain.com
  • cchimfa@domain.com

Surprisingly, choosing a professional email address can be quite challenging, especially since you can’t spice it up like you can with your personal one. But, as you can see, there are still plenty of ways for choosing a strong professional email address, and, hopefully, we helped you find one.

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