14 May Great Tools For Marketing Small Or Growing Businesses

In every niche market, the aim for growth among infant businesses is ever-present. A majority of people favor experiencing quantifiable growth as continuously as possible. Depending on your business size, you can feel overwhelmed and isolated from time to time, especially in the beginning. But thanks to the internet, you do not have to be alone in your journey of establishing your business. There are countless marketing tools that can help a small or growing business, some of which include:

1. Google My Business

The most prevalent search engine in the world, Google gives businesses a free profile to help them connect with their customers. You can use Google My Business to post location, post hours, and pricing details, as well as share pictures and also a 360 virtual tour – all of which will then show up for your target market in Google’s search results.

If you manage to complete your Google My Business page, it can help in improving your site’s overall SEO rankings.

2. Yelp

Even if you do not have a profile on Yelp, your customers might still be talking about you on the platform. Claim your free business profile in order to post business information and pictures, and get a good idea of what others are saying about you. In your initial stages, reading customer feedback and improving in areas where you lack can be very critical for future success. Yelp offers a great opportunity to learn and engage with your customers as well as critics.

3. YellowPages

No, this isn’t the giant book that you are familiar with from your childhood. The YellowPages website and app are an effective way of helping your audience discovers your business online, as well as inviting and replying to reviews about your service or product.

4. DataBox

DataBox is a relatively new tool that enables to build concise, slick, and personalized dashboards so that you can take a good look at the numbers that are relevant to your company the most. For example, organizations that have SMART goals can set up DataBox as their online advertising tool for tracking the progress of their sales team or pulling Key Performance Indicators for the SMART goals.

5. Google Analytics

To gauge how well your marketing efforts are doing at generating leads, you first need to be aware of how and from where your customers are accessing your website. Google provides incredible free analytics tools that assist small business entrepreneurs in determining what is actually working for them in their marketing strategy and what is not. These tools also help gain insights regarding your website traffic.

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