Free SEO tools can be very helpful in making sure your business is ready to be found. In the present-day internet-driven age, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessity for almost all businesses. SEO is a publicizing discipline that aims to enhance visibility in non-paid search engine results and comprises of both the technical and innovative aspects required to boost traffic, enhance rankings, and spike up visibility in search engines.

If you own an online business that is not properly search engine optimized, you are potentially missing out on a lot and also compromising on your brand awareness. Lacking SEO knowledge is never a valid excuse to dismiss the importance of this discipline. For this reason, we have come up with 4 best SEO tools that you need to make use of!

1. Ahrefs

This SEO tool is used for Research and analysis. Out of countless SEO tools available, thousands of small business owners, online marketers and SEO experts love to use Ahrefs to help them boost their visibility and search rankings. Their Site Explorer is a great option if you are looking for backlink analysis tools. Furthermore, their Content Explorer, which scours the webpage for the trendiest content for any keyword of the topic.

2. SEObility

Seobility is all about presenting how good or bad your website’s overall search engine optimization is. It comes with the following 4 key features:

  • SEO Check – this tests your webpage and offers you tips on how to improve your SEO
  • Keyword Check – this shows how well your website is optimized when it comes to target keywords.
  • Ranking Check – this checks your webpage’s rankings for any given keyword.
  • SEO Compare – this compares two pages for a keyword.

3. Long Tail Pro

This SEO tool is a paid one and mainly used for keyword research. The company recently underwent an ownership change, and ever since then, LTP has progressed from being a download app to being cloud-based (which means you can now use it in your browser). Prior to going cloud, Long Tail Pro was already one of the top keyword research tools in the field of SEO. This is only expected to make it 10 times simpler and 10 times faster.

4. SEM Rush

This SEO tool is mainly used for competitor and keyword research. SEM Rush really made a reputation over the past few years when they took competitor research to a whole new level. The interesting part about SEM Rush is there are over 20 ways to look for your competitors. Plus, you can find their best keywords, best backlinks, best content, and so much more. It also works great for PPC and paid traffic.

Make sure to check out these SEO tools to get a good head start with your business. We hope these free SEO tools were helpful.


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