05 Dec Basic keys to truly starting a working business. Just the basics.


Make sure to make all processes streamline into customers. Make a basic chart with a purchase in the middle. If your current process takes more than two steps for the person to get to the center of your pie chart, you have to rethink your way of doing things. Make sure that you are making it as easy as possible for you as the entrepreneur to make sales while also doing daily tasks to grow your business. This can be as simple and as complex as you like it, but it should equate to things being easier for you as the business owner. If you are a solo-preneur, like a lot of business owners are, make sure that everything is the easiest route for you to acquire information.


As you grow, do not be afraid to outsource items or specialists. This helps with the afore mentioned streamlining, but also allows for you to do the most important part of your business, selling! Do not be afraid to outsource tasks that are seen as ancillary to your primary source of business and even some parts of your primary items in order to create time, and potentially multiply your clients. Imagine if you cut your work load in half, that would then potentially allow you to do double the clientele. Sometimes you must think this way in order to grow. If it is cost efficient, outsource items that allow for a quicker turnaround on products or services or that allow for you to provide even more to clients.

This can at times be in the form or partnerships. If you are an amazing designer, yet you need someone who is better at the actual hosting, make sure to form strong partnerships with someone who can help you and has a niche. This can go for a lot of items, but make sure to form partnerships with individuals that have the same vision in mind for your company and their own and how they will intertwine. Remember, the more time you have to sell, the better and the more time you can allocate to building the brand and the companies processes the better it will function.

Technology / Applications

Do not be afraid of applications. And when I say that, I mean the ones that cost money too. If an app saves you time and effort and helps you do any of the items on this list, it is probably worth the subscription. I am not telling you to go and buy a $5,000 customer acquisition software when you only bring in $1k a month to your business. But I am telling you to not be fearful of applications that truly help your business and to be willing to pay for them because they in turn pay for themselves.

For instance, I have seen companies look for the “Free Trial” version of applications, only to be limited in what they can do. In most cases, paying for the real version will allow for capabilities that will allow you to do the services needed to add percentages to your sales. If you use the free version of adobe, you do not get amazing updates and therefore you are always behind on design trends, do not get the newsletter and therefore do not design the best within your field. That is just one examples. As a small firm/company, it is ideal so have hundreds of dollars if not thousands in subscriptions of premium versions of items that will better your business function.

Customer Acquisition

Make sure that you have a system that allows for your customer to purchase your product or service. This sounds so simple, but many forget that the customer is always right not because they are geniuses, but because they pay the bills. Limit the amounts of places to go or clicks to be made in order to make a purchase. In addition to streamlining your own work space, you want to streamline your customer acquisition. This could be basic funnels, to email signups that lead to promotions, or even basic consultation that leads to direct sales. Whatever puts your customer in the easier route to a purchase is best. Do not be afraid to spend on making money. Get a good customer acquisition funnel or process and it will pay for itself as well just like other great applications. And do not forget about customer retention, make sure to follow up and get feedback.

Great Work

Great work is always the key. I will always end with this. If you have an amazing product, it will sell and people will be happy to have it. If you are simply selling hot garbage, then people will not care how any of the above items got them reeled in, they will only spread the fact that you are not to be trusted. Have a product that creates additional positive feedback, word of mouth and return purchasers. In some cases, you want to fake it until you make it. But, in today’s world, there are a lot of things you cannot fake. You cannot fake that you have better products that others, only time will tell. Make sure to perfect your craft and have an amazing product or service first and foremost and all of the rest will add to that value.

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