Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons to choose RMG as your marketing, web design or branding firm.



RMG takes pride in making websites and marketing materials that upgrade your company’s aesthetic, and also create a sales mechanism to generate revenue for your business.


Reality Marketing Group is your source of creative content and advice that allows you to work on your business the way that allows for you to maximize growth. We have a background of creative design, web development, video production and many more facets of marketing that have generated growth for our clients. Beyond simply creating something that “looks nice”, we focus on making positive changes in the way your marketing strategy and marketing material truly generates sales and provides a message to your consumer. Branding, web design and marketing are simply tools to generate growth. Let’s just say we are handy with tools that you’ll need.


We want you to win. This is because when you are on top of your game, we get to show you off! Our team wants you to have an unbelievable story as our client. It is for that reason that we are detail oriented and go in detail for the creation of your marketing or marketing campaign. Rather than going up one step and then letting you go on your way, we would rather take these steps with you as you grow and serve not only as a task completion firm, but as a consultant and guide along the way.

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We have created a process to help our customers identify their creative and marketing needs. We work as a strategic partner for companies that saves capital and that allows them to work on selling services rather than creating marketing assets.


Leverage our expertise in design and branding to bolster your business. Design all marketing assets that you need to showcase your business and to grow. From branding through to web design, we can be your companies go to source for all items in a cost efficient way.


We build ongoing solutions that allow your company to move forward and meet your goals. We are partners in scaling or the operation of your company as we provide a product that makes your day to day move smoothly. Whatever your needs may be, we can align our design and marketing expertise to match your company.


How much does a website cost?


Are websites expensive? That depends. Answer this question: “If I knew that the look and the build of my website would make me more money than I invested, would I invest?.” That is the key in building a great website. Creating a platform that speaks to your product and creates sales through this marketing device is key. We are very competitive in the market and make elegant, functional sites for your business. RMG will ensure that there is an amazing return on your investment. Our team will deliver a finished website that showcases your services and resonates with your audiences to generates sales.



Why website redesign is important. Will my Website make money?


Web design is important. Many probably ask “Can’t I just make my own” or “Isn’t Wix or Squarespace Free and also works?”. If this is you, then you may be on the wrong website. Web design and your online company resume will be the difference between and sale and not making a sell in many cases. In today’s world, people are looking got your site as a source of credibility for your product. Imagine having something on your resume that did not truly tell the whole story about the level or education you had, or that you had amazing experience, or even that you likely will not be a good person to work with. This is the same for your online business’ resume.


You want to make sure that you are putting together an amazing online experience for your potential consumer that allows them to have an amazing first impression of the business.

How marketing can help sales. How marketing helps business?


Many ask “how marketing helps sales”. Think of your business as a boat. Marketing is your sail and at times even your current. We help your company by preparing your boat with the proper mechanisms to get to your customers. Marketing helps your business by providing the correct message that will evoke a purchase. Deriving the proper strategy is key on making sure your product is aligned with what you are selling and to whom.


Is branding important? Is Graphic Design Expensive? Why do I need Graphic Design?


Your brand is what people think of you when they see or interact with your business. All of your marketing has to align with your brand. This is what you want your consumer to take in when interacting with your business. Your graphic design and all that is on your site is a reflection of your brand and what someone may expect from your team. Graphic design and the way that your company looks is the initial representation that a customer will see. Make it a great one and truly have a brand identity that creates sales.


Why marketing matters. Why marketing is important for small business.


Marketing, marketing materials and all of the creative that goes along with your company is very important. It is very important to showcase your product and prepare the correct marketing message. This message must correctly showcases your product. Marketing material can be an accurate depiction of your product or services. If you are selling a Bentley, you do not want to come off as a Toyota. Make sure that your marketing aligns with what you are selling. This creates a consistent picture and brand for your potential clients to take in and perceive as the end product your are providing.