About RMG

We are here to make your company dream a Reality


Founded in 2007, our mission is to fuel clients’ marketability and ideas visually. We aim to be the experts at helping our customers take their businesses to the next stage, wherever that may be. No marketing, web development or business development project is too small for us to be of help as we treat our clients like family. We look forward to transforming businesses website, or complete marketing strategy through graphic design, web design expertise, photography and many other outlets of marketing.

The name Reality Marketing Group comes from the true aim to make sure that client’s thoughts and aspirations are put into motion and form a new reality. We want to ensure that our web design, marketing, social media strategy and much more lead to continued success and that aspirations of the business or individual we work with.


Located in the center of Orlando, FL, our full service marketing agency prides itself on being a one stop shop for everything you will need to jump start your business. We are a boutique firm that can not only help you market, but can also develop the marketing materials, videos, social media strategy and content for your company. We aim to continually be one of the top marketing agencies in central Florida and we will work for you to showcase that. From digital marketing to more traditional marketing strategies, our only goal is client growth.

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